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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Twenty seven years ago we did not have computers like we do today where you can jump on it and press and few buttons and find all kinds of friends. I was a young woman living on a farm stuck way out in the country. I decided I would start pen paling and while my husband was working I would write long flowing letters to a woman in Illinois that I had never met except on the pages of a woman's magazine that listed women who wanted to penpal with other women.

Through those letters I met one of the sweetest, kindest people I would ever meet. We wrote for about five years or so before she came to visit me with her friend. In 1992 I went out to visit her in Rock Island Illinois and met her husband John, who they call Cootie. My daughter was with me and we had a wonderful time there.

She and Cootie, who has also become friends with my husband have visited us several times when they are on their way to see family back here in Pa. They just pull the camper in here and stay for a day or so.

This woman is closer to me than any sister could be. I know some think you cannot be friends with someone who is older than you. Not good friends but they are wrong. So wrong. She has been with me through all my ailments, deaths in the family and whatever else has been slung my way. She is just a phone call away. Life does not give us many friends like her. I wish we lived closer but we don't and that is the sad part of it.

But with cell phones and computers we keep in close touch and I thank God for someone like her cause I sure do appreciate her and all she has done for me.

She arrived on Tuesday. We had a light supper here for her and cootie. She spent yesterday with me talking about old times and all the things that are goind on in her life then she fixed us a fabulous meal of fried chicken, cabbage, biscuits and pound cake that was out of this world.

Before leaving she gave me a very old cookbook from the '30's. I collect them. She also gave me a lovely ring that I will cherish and I gave her a book. We just give small gifts like that and it is so nice having her and cootie around. She spoiled me cause I could not use my leg.

I do see the doc tomorrow about that. It is still very painful so we shall see what he can do about it.

But I wanted to show you a pic of my friends.


  1. How lucky you are to have met her!

  2. Now that is a blessing having such wonderful friends. It's so nice when that "angel" turns up to help us when we are in need.
    I do hope you are feeling better and everything is going well. I think about you often and always say a small prayer when I do.
    Have a great Friday......:-) Hugs

  3. That's neat. Good luck with your appointment.

  4. One of many angels that have shown up in my life when I needed one.

  5. Fried Chicken, Cabbage, and Pound cake.........Sounds like a good Southern meal for this young little sand gnat from Central South Caroliina.


  6. Red..Her hubby is from Mississippi. and she spent many years there. No one can fix catfish like her. *s*