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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Small miracles

I have not been on for a few days because of fighting depression that is coming with the problem I am having with my leg. I hope to find out in a few days exactly what is going on. I hate being this way.

I did have something happen in the past few days that has uplifted me. My friend from Illinois is coming. I did not here seeing me like this but she says I have helped her in so many ways she wants to take care of me for a day or so and cook me a few meals. She and her hubby will be staying in their camper but coming here to fix the meals and visit. I am now looking forward to it.

Then my sil, brother-in -law's wofe, came to visit me. You have no idea what this visit did not me. She was the one who hated me all these years. Or so I thought. She came and we talked things out and I now know she was undiagnosed depression and that is one of the reasons she had changed so much. She also became a christian and now the two of us can talk, really talk to each other.

This is a miracle to me. I finally have another friend and I am so pleased about that. I now understand why her childish outbursts happened. Much of is was just anger at the world and something was wrong and she could not understand exactly what it was. I am glad we had the chat and I enjoyed her visit.


  1. Wonderful what a good chat can accomplish, eh?

  2. We can never really know what's going on in someone else's head can we?
    I always tell the girls at work that when a crabby nasty customer comes in, don't take it personally - their bad day has nothing to do with you - pretend they are being sweet and try to make their day a bit better.

    Never occurred to me that this should be done in private life too - until now.

  3. Oh Garnet I am so sorry that you are not well but there is even goodness in illness, your frined's visit and a new found friendship with your sister in law. One can never love or be loved to much.
    Hope your day is painless....Hugs

  4. Something good happening in a time of hurting makes it a little more bearable...Hope you will be feeling better soon Garnet.

  5. Sounds like a visit from your friend is just what you need.
    I hope you continue to feel better.
    A x

  6. Ahhhhh!!! I'm SO Glad you two can finally be friends!! Hao Wonderful for you both!!!hughugs