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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I have decided that my eldest child and I do not like the same music. There was a time when we did. We would sit for hours and listen to the radio and talk about our favorite singers. I guess it it cause I could tolerate New Kids On the Block, Backstreet Boys and an occasional Madonna song tossed into the mix. Now when she hands me the earphones and wants me to listen to some of the songs she loves on Youtube, it is all I can do to keep from cringing. I just cannot stand the songs she likes now. I guess I knew it was going to happen some day.

It kinda makes me sad cause it was one of the few things I had in common with her but I just swallow and tell her that it is not my type of music but I am glad she enjoys listening to it.


  1. I am sorry Garnet. But everyone likes what they like. I like all kinds of music . There are certain songs that I don't care for but as far as styles of music, I like it all.

  2. Music is weird. There are so many styles out there and what's current seems to change quickly now. I can feel your sense of loss, but I imagine that there is music that you two would still agree on. Maybe you can take her to a concert of a type that you'd both appreciate.

  3. Music changes down through the generations...I wonder what will be popular in the future!

  4. Hi! Garnet! Thanks for stopping by my Potter's House post :)
    I completely understand about the music... I can still remember lyrics and tunes to the BSB's and NSync and remember Mmmm-Bopp by Hanson! I wonder what happened to them?!
    The one music my whole family agrees on (for the most part) is the contemporary Christian music they play at our church and the oldies. I prefer solo piano now... just simple ~ sweet piano music. nothing dramatic... I'm refreshed by the calm.
    I don't think that stage hits until 50+
    When I clean house, though... it's THE OLDIES! FOR SURE!
    Sonshine with showers of Grace,