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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Words I couldn't say

I was listening to some songs on You tube and I came across the one Rascal Flatts sings called Words I Couldn't Say. It is about a man who is thinking about someone who is no longer a part of his life. It may have been someone who left him for whatever reason or someone who passed away. I believe it is someone who passed away. I wonder how many of us have lost someone who we will never be able to speak to again, suddenly, then we are left thinking of things we could have, or should have said to them?

When My fil died, my bil came to talk to us and he said one of the things he regrets is he never told his dad he loved him. It is surprising how many people think those we love should know we love them just because we do. I have learned never to go to bed angry at those I love and I always tell them I love them no matter how angry I am at them. I don't want to be standing over them someday, and think of all the things I should have said to them and didn't.

My mother and I did not have the best relationship because she did not raise me but the two of us managed to work through all our anger and find the time to show our love for each other before she died. I am so glad I was able to do that.


  1. You hear so often of people's regrets of what their last words were to a lost loved one...reason enought to never part angry or be angry in the first place...

    Are you able to walk a little better without the fear of falling Garnet? I hope so...

  2. Good thoughts for a Friday morning. Have a good weekend.

  3. We don't have that problem in our family. We always tell each other " I Love You " At the end of every phone call and at the end of every visit. We all always hug and kiss goodbye as well. I remember when we first met our DIL, she thought it so odd because her family never did that. And now we, including her say and do our "I Love You's " and hug and kiss goodbye!

  4. My mother doesn't say I love you. Says she wasn't raised that way. She is aghast at how easily my family says it. Funny, I wasn't raised that way either.

  5. Wanda..yes I am able to walk a little better. Still painful but manageable. *s*

    Diana...good for you and your family.

    Jeannie...Your mother could learn from your example.