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Thursday, August 13, 2009

It is sunset and hubby is out mowing the yard. We have had a busy day here today. He brought in some zucchini from the garden and I made some zucchini squares. I never made them before and was not sure how it woulc turn out but hubby gave me the thrumbs up and said the recipe is a 'keeper'.

I played with the pup for awhile and walked with him out side. Daughter is moving back to where she lived before and will be leaving him here with us so we just act like he is one of our own. He is a character.

Had a visit with Carter, our great nephew. He is a sweet little two year old. His mom and his grand parents were up from southern Ohio for a visit.

Talked to youngest today and she is still planning on coming for a visit at the end of next month. Can't wait to see the baby. Had quite a conversation with her too. *chuckling*.

Have to get back to my quilt. Bye for now.


  1. Hi Garnet, your squares sound very good.
    Mary must be doing better if she is moving back, I do hope so Garnet as I know how hard it's been for all of you.
    I am so glad you have your youngest and her baby visiting you the end of the month, now that is something really to look forward too.
    Enjoy your quilting, and I am so happy to hear you sounding so much better. My heart and prayers are with you and all your family, have a wonderful Friday....:-) Hugs

  2. Hi Garnet,
    Zuccini squares sound really good but then I love anything with zuccini. Do you and your hubby like fried green tomatoes? It's another of our favorites! It sounds like you will be busy for awhile. It's always nice to have company and I hope you get to enjoy the time together. Love Di

  3. Have a happy weekend sweetie!!hughugs

  4. In for a few and I would like to thank you all for your kind posts. Yes, Mary is better and getting the treatment she needs. I hope it continues.

    Thanks again!!

  5. Life still sounds pretty normal with everything on track.