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Monday, August 10, 2009

The day started out fine. It was a lovely summer morning with a cool breeze blowing. Very cool and lovely for August.

Then it all began go go down hill....we had two apts to go to and were late for the first apt. I did not have the right amount of money for the things I drove 20 miles to buy then we came home and my hubby could not find the house keys. He had to go to the store for things he was supposed to get for his mom and could not find the car keys he had a few minutes before that. It took us an hour to find them in a jar on his dresser, a place he would not normally put them.

A few minutes ago I put pop corn in the micro and forgot to tell Mary to watch it while I took the dog out then came back to a house filled with smoke and a husband who is angry cause he still has not found the house keys.

Oh, well, such is life............


  1. Well you did have a rough day didn't you. I do hope the house keys show up.....I noticed you mentioned Mary, so must mean she is home now, that is a good thing. We all have bad days Garnet, you have had more than your share lately but you seem to be holding up well.
    I stopped by last night and tried to leave a comment to see how things were going but wasn't able to as comment wouldn't update.
    Glad to hear from you either way Garnet and I am wishing you a much better day tomorrow....:-) Hugs

  2. Hope this morning brings good happenings your way Garnet!

  3. Hi Garnet,
    One of the reasons that I named my blog Welcome to my World is because days like that are quite normal for our family! It really puts a whole new meaning to the boring day which we have learned to enjoy! I hope today turns out a little more boring for you!
    Your Friend Diana

  4. Makes ordinary days seem pretty good, eh?

  5. I think I can comment now. For some reason IE was not letting me comment. Oh, well, I thank all of you for your kind words. We never did find the house keys and had to get all new locks.

  6. Hello Garnet, just popping in to say hello and let you know I am thinking of you.
    Hope all is well......:-) Hugs