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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Starting over...

I was in earlier and wrote most of my blog for the day when my eldest asked if she could use the computer. I said yes but forgot to tell her not to click me out of it. Well, she did and I lost it all. *sigh*

I got up today and went to the meat market. I nearly fainted when they told me what my meat was costing but it is good quality meat and my husband is a meat eater. I eat very little of it. So, I begrudgingly paid it.

I went for a walk. Not a long one but it is better then not walking at all. Daughter also has to lose wt so we are watching our calories and sugar content together. Wish us luck.

I think Mary is pretty but she has a self image problem because of her weight. I think that will improve once she loses some weight.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Garnet, Mary is beautiful, is she your daughter who is a diabetic
    Meat is very high here as well, seems to be going higher all the time.
    Glad you managed your walk today and hope your knee is better.
    Good Luck to you and Mary, working together will help you both to manage your sugars and weight loss will be a bonus. Oh I so hope you both feel better real soon Garnet.
    Have a wonderful Sunday, big hugs to both you and Mary....:-)