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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another beautiful day today. Hubby got up and picked me some posies from the last blooms of the summer. I have a lovely bouquet now on my table.

My eldest was here for the weekend and we took her back today. It was a nice drive. After that I went to my gyno for my yearly physical and I have lost 29 lbs since my last visit and I was tickled by that. She asked what I was doing differently and I said moving more and eating sensibly. I think that is the only way for me. I could go under the knife but I have an aversion to surgery and I seem to be doing okay this way.

After that I went to Walmart to get some things for my daughters' apt. Then I took them to her place and came home to get my husband off to dinner. All in all, it has been a good day.

I went for a walk in the woods. MY mil saw me go in the woods but did not see me come out so she called to make sure I was alright. She is a sweet lady.


  1. I would worry too since there are bears around Garnet!

    That is great news about your weight loss...that will benefit your knees greatly...keep up the good work Garnet...nice that your husband picked you some flowers!

  2. Wow 29 pounds , that is awesome Garnet. It is working . Keep it up! Wish we could have seen your flowers, that was sweet!
    Love Di

  3. Way to go Garnet, 29 lbs. is awesome....so happy for you. You must have so much more energy and your knees are probably thanking you for taking that weight off your joints.
    What a wonderful husband to pick you a bouquet of flowers.
    Your MIL sounds like a real gem, worried that you may still be in the woods.
    Keep up the good work sweetie, you are so worthy of all good things....... :-) Hugs

  4. Thank goodness your MIL can watch! Woods Can be a dangerous place to go alone anymore...it's a shame!!hughugs