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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Depressing news....

Our neighbor is having the woods behind our home cut. It depresses me because of all the lovely animals and such that is behind will have to move further away for the next few years til it grows back again. He is not clear cutting. They are just taking out certain trees and I am grateful he will not have it clear cut. I hate that. I dislike this too but it is not as bad a stripping the woods bare like some do. It is still depressing though.

Well there is nothing I can do about it.

I am planning on what I am going to have for Thanksgiving this year. Each day I try something diffrent and I am not sure what I will try this year. Of course we have all the traditional stuff but I am thinking I might forego the pumpkin pie, or as we have pumpkin cake for some kind of cheesecake. I know they have a pumpkin cheesecake so I might try it. Daughter is bringing the pies so it might be pie anyway. We shall see. I will suse the one from the cheesecake factory. It is soooo good.


  1. WE are going out for Thanksgiving so we have no decisions.

  2. Maybe the neighbor won't thin the trees too much Garnet. We thinned some of ours out back close to the house and the deer and turkey still visit and are actually easier to see now. Maybe it will be a good thing!

    I need to think of deserts for Thanksgiving too! Enjoy your week!

  3. Thinning the trees might allow for more new growth...?

    I'm starting to think about the Christmas baking...but not too hard.

  4. I love pumpkin cheese cake.....
    Perhaps thining out the trees will make the lot healthier and even nicer to be able to walk through and hopefully all the animals will still call it home. I too hate to see anyone cutting down trees but have seen wonderful results as well Garnet.....Luv ya, xoxo

  5. I just talked to the guy cutting the trees down and he asid he is only removing the quaken asp and the pine trees because there are small oak and maple trying to grow and they are being choked off. So it is for a good reason. *s*

  6. We keep losing land for new subdivisions. It's a bit sad at times.