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Monday, November 9, 2009

It's three in the morning....

It is three in the morning and I cannot sleep. We had a wonderful busy weekend with family and friends and this is a happy tiredness.

My daughter was here for the weekend and my sil, her daughter and grandson were also here. Kari, the daughter brought her boyfriend and I think he is nicer and handsomer then the on who she was living with. She is a good, sweet person and deserved better then him. I have a picture here of her dressed as a Pirates wench for halloween and when you see it, you will see a lovely young woman who did not deserve an abusive man in her life. I don't think it was physical but from what I witnessed here one time it was verbal. She deserved better.

Why do women stay with men who abuse them? I have an inkling as I was with and abusive man at one time. I almost lost the use of my right hand when he was stabbing at me and I put my hand up to stop him and it went into my hand and the dr. said I just missed a nerve. I left him after that. I was lucky I had family to help me. Had I stayed he might have killed me.

I guess it is fear that causes some women to stay in such relationships. I had a friend that stayed in one for 20 years before he left her for another woman. My mom stayed in one for years because she said she had no one to turn to. She finally had me to help her by telling her sister about the beatings and such and we both encouraged her to leave.

Well, I am glad Kari is happy now with a new guy and he seems very nice. I will put her picture in another post as I am starting to get sleepy now...Good night all.


  1. Good Lord Sweetheart...I'm SO glad you left him....I'll be praying for her as well!!!hughugs

  2. Seems there are a LOT of abusive men out there. Maybe we should look at why THAT is too.

    I think there are any number of reasons why a woman would stay with such a man: they think they deserve it, they can't see a way to survive on their own, the devil they know is less scary than the one they don't, they are afraid of being killed if they leave. Glad you got away as well as your niece.

  3. Oh Garnet, you did not deserve to be abused by that man and neither did your daughter....these men have serious problems and need to abuse women to feel some sort of control and power....I wish more women were like you and your daughter...strong enough to walk away. Too many women are too frightened to leave these horrible relationships......I am so happy that you and your loved ones are now safe and are surrounded by good men who love you.....:-) Hugs

  4. Well, my niece and I did get away but so many do not.

    Jeannie...I think there are alot of reasons men ae like that. You can't list just one. I don't know why my ex boyfriend from many years ago was like that. Nor do I know why scott who came from a great family is like that today.

    I do think that most stay with the man out of fear of them killing them or their family such as one man near us did. He told her if she left him, he would kill her and her family. He did worse. She left him and he showed up at her parents home one day while they were having a family gathering and shot everyone in the house but her before killing himself.


  5. I trust that you had a good sleep eventually.