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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Another day in paradise

I awoke early to go to the bank and while I was there I got a name tag off the tree to buy gifts for a child whose parents could not afford christmas gifts. The bank does this every year and we have always taken a name from the tree. When the kids were growing up, I would have them each pick a name and they would help pick out the gifts an pay a few dollars on them while we covered the rest. I wanted to teach them that christmas time is a time og giving and not just recieving. When I was a child, I was in this little boys spot and I can still remember going to the parties the American legion had for kids like us and how glad I felt when Santa gave me the bag with some candy and a toy or two in it. I never forgot that.

After I left the bank we drove into Walmart and hubby went to visit a lawyer for his mom. He had some things to discuss with her and hates shopping so I spent the monin shopping for the grandchild and this little boy. I bought him several shirts on sale, some troys and a game. It was nice buying for a boy for a change.

My daughter called and was worried about christmas cause her in laws were going to be there and she did not know if she coul afford gifts for alix as they were going to wait til after Christmas to buy them. I told her not to worry, I hit some great sales and had several gifts t send down and she could just wrap them ad put them under the tree with a note saying they were from santa.

Her inlaws are not nice. They drink alot and they are very judgemental. They always fight with their son cause they think he married too young and married beneath himself. They flat out told her that and when I was up in New York for the wedding, we were having a cookout the night before the wedding and his parents were invited. They were at the campground but they did not come. I was sitting beside dylan when his mom called and told him how much better off he would be if he did not marry her. You know how you can hear what someone is saying on a cell phone when the person they are talking to is right next to. I heard it all--he could do better, he had time and he should run, or he could support the baby and not marry someone like her.
He hung up on his mother and apologized to me for what she was saying.

His mom is a very unhappy woman and she takes it out on others. I understand this and do not say much to dylan or kris about his mom. She is an alchohlic and I do think people who drink in excess are unhappy people.

I told my daughter not to take crap from her but she should also be prudent and learn to hold her tongue on some matters. I told her to try and remember this holiday is about the birth of our lord and for her to think of her daughter and try to make it a happy day for the little one. It is only for two days and I think she can do it.

I have put in a request for a new computer for chrstmas. This one is acting up and I would like a new one and have this one upgraded to use in case the new one crashes on me.


  1. How sweet and wonderful. Bless you for buying for this little boy. How great that you are so supportive of your daughter and her husband. They really need support. His parents really are missing out by being this way. Sad for all involved. I hope Santa brings you a new computor! :)

  2. Christmas should be a joyful time for all, but it can be stressful for families, especially in times of mometary problems, as with the little boy's family. Good that you bought for him Garnet and good that you are there for your grandchild, daughter and her husband...wish the other grandparents were more like you. I was blessed with a wonderful mother-in-law who left this earth too soon.

    Have a good weekend Garnet!

  3. I feel for your daughter. I suspect your daughter was raised to respect her elders, which is good. She will have to insist on being respected herself while maintaining that respectful tone. Unfortunately, her MIL may never get over her bias against her. My sister's MIL didn't appreciate her until 2 wives later...
    My MIL never treated me as any better than the maid although I treated her better than her own children did. (And frankly, my husband had married up)

    Hopefully, her husband will support her and not begin listening to his parents.

  4. The holday season is very hard for some families, so sad really. What a wonderful thing you have done for this little boy and your granddaughter.....you have advised your daughter well, she will be okay Garnet as 2 days will go by quickly and she always has you to call to calm her down....you are a wonderful lady.....:-) hugs

  5. I hope Santa fils your stocking with as much love as you are giving that unknown little boy...

  6. Ah the good old in-law dilemma's!
    Thank God I don't have to worry about that. Your advice was wonderful Garnet. Very thought filled! Love Di

  7. I would hope that in future, they'll visit with these sour inlaws sometime after Christmas. It's too important for the kids to ruin in the faint hope that all will go well.

  8. Smiles...I agree. It is sad and I hope it goes smooth for them.

    AC...You are right as usual. A vist some other time might have been better. Some of the people that were going to visit her for Christmas told her they would come after the mil left.

    Wanda...My mil is my best friend. It has been that way for years and I know she will pass some day and I shall be devastated but she is fantastic.

    Thanks to all of you for your kind comments. *s*

  9. Hi ...
    God bless you for being such a good person, mother and grandmother...
    I agree with everyone here...
    The MIL is missing so much~
    Your daughter will need courage and the confidence to know who she is...
    A beautiful mother & daughter...
    and loved by her Creator.
    Blessings Always ~ Maria