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Monday, December 7, 2009

This is one of those days were it was very dreary outside. Snowing but not a pretty snow that laid. Just snowing and blowing around.

I gathered up all the gifts I have to mail and will get them in the mail tomorrow. Baked Chocolate chip cookies and hope to bake some raisin ones tomorrow. I am trying not to sample any. I bake cookies for all the family and they often bake some for us. My bil makes fabulous bread. He bakes it this year I will take a pic of it for you to see. He uses a very old recipe that his grandmother had and will not tell me what all he puts in it.

My daughter called and we are planning on seeing New Moon. We always take her to a movie before christmas each year. It is a tradition. The girls would pick the movie and we would do the town. Go to the movie, eat dinner and do some shopping. We will do that this thursday.

My bil may be here early in the morning so I am going now....


  1. Christmas and cooking always go hand in glove...

  2. I love the simple family traditions...baking bread from a family recipe, nothing could be better. My g/daughters went with their mothers to see New Moon too!

  3. Thursday sounds wonderful Garnet, I just know you will have a grand time.
    I can smell your BIL bread from here, there is no better smell in the world. Isn't this a wonderful time of year.....:-) Hugs