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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

almost done....

I am weary but excited. I have been making a quilt for my eldest for Christmas. I was not sure if I would get it done or no but I am almost done and I am happy to have it done in time and ready to start another one for my friend. I will do this one, a simple patchwork by machine. It should not take me as long as it has this one as this one is done by hand.

It was very cold today but I still managed to get out and get some shopping done then some walking. I could use the stationary bike but that is no fun at all. Mor like work.

I do hope the dogs do not keep me up the way they did last night. They played all nigt long. *s*


  1. Your quilt is beautiful Garnet...my mother was a quilter...hope your dogs behave tonight!

  2. It looks like a very cosy quilt - just what the weather's ordered!

  3. How Beautiful!!! My sister is the quilter in the family...hughugs

  4. Oh I love quilts Garnet, I have two that were wedding gifts(41 years ago) from Aunts who have since passed....I think of them every time I touch their gifts. Your quilt is beautiful and so much work Garnet, I don't have any talent as you do but I enjoy seeing yours.....:-) Hugs

  5. Bernie..I love your new pic.

    Thanks to all of you for the comments on my quilt.