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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I am hooked. Hooked on a game on facebook called Bejeweled blitz. It it a game where you have to line up jewels of various colors to get points. I am playing against some friends and having a very hard time beating them but, like them, I am hooked on the game. My husband was joking when he said he thinks I am going to have to see join Bejeweled Blitz anonymous soon. At least I think he was joking. *s*

We had terrible wind storms here today. Several homes are without electricity. 40,000 I think. Lights flickered here a few times but we did not lose electric this time. We had our storm door on the back porch smashed by it. Really rocked the house. But no damage to us. It is very late here and I will have to wait til tomorrow to see if there is any damage to the houses around here. So far, I have heard nothing about it. I brought my pets in to make sure they are okay.

Good night friends.


  1. That wind was fierce...I felt like it was picking me up and scooting me along as I walked and that was bfore it got severe!

    It sent a small limb through the top of our carport, where we keep firewood and the tractor.

    I've played the Bejeweled game you mentioned, it was addicting looking for those rows of colors!

    Take care,

  2. Hi Garnet, I don't mind cold or even snow but I hate the wind.
    I am on Facebook but I have never played the Bejeweled game...you should look me up Garnet.
    Hope all is well now and that the storm has not done much damage.
    Take care......:-) hugs

  3. We've had a home version of Bejeweled for years. My husband and I love knocking each other off the scoreboard, so I understand your addiction. My new addiction on FB is Scramble.

    I HATE wind!
    Christmas 1999 we had 60mph winds all day. Our power went out just as we were sitting down to dinner. Fortunately, we already had candles on the table, so we just kept eating.