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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Feelin Guilty

Last week I mentioned to my daughter that I needed a new computer. She told my husband and he took me shopping for some so he can decide which one he will get met. I was looking at the cheaper ones and he kept asking abou little things like RAM and such. He started looking at the more expensive ones and there were two there that I really liked. But I kept steering him away from him because the cost 300 dollars more. Well, He is insisting on getting one of the ones I really liked and I am feelng guilty cause I let my guard down and let him know I liked those ones.

We have the money. It is just that I do not like spending money on me. I love spending it on him or the kids but hate having any money being spent on me. Why is that???

Well, we have snow and I was glad to see that. Hubby is helping more with the decorations and even with the baking. He and his mom as well as my daughter helped with the cookies.

I should have taken pics but I did not feel well as the arthritus was acting up. But it was cool listening to them talk while they finished the cookies. I did the mixing and bill added a few things then the all baked them. It was fun.


  1. Don't feel guilty! Think of how many Blogpals you will be able to chat to more easily with a spanking new computer. And think how good your hubby will feel, knowing he got you the one you liked best!

  2. LOL, I'm the same way! I got my guys new winter jackets last year, but I'm still wearing my 10-yr-old jacket. I guess we're not part of the "me" generation. ;)

  3. I totally understand how you feel about spending money on yourself. I rarely spend money on myself and when I do, it's usually second hand. This drives my husband crazy! I think it's just become a habit for me that I do it without thinking. He thinks I do this because I don't value myself as much.

    How sweet that he took you shopping and see's you worth getting a good one. Enjoy that love and attention! I am happy for you that others joined in the baking fun...so much more fun to share in the fun! Enjoy your snow! Happy Sunday! XX Lori

  4. I understand the feeling, and I understand buyer's remorse. I may have some later this week ... but hopefully not for long.

  5. Oh Garnet, I think it's wonderful that your husband wants to get you a computer you really like, think of the joy he will feel in giving you this gift.....and all your computer friends will share it with you as you post and comment.
    So happy that the family are helping you prepare for Christmas, arthritis is not fun....Have a great Christmas Garnet and may God grant you all health, happiness and much love this beautiful of seasons.....:-) Hugs

  6. It's what Mom's learn to do. Make them happy - take the better one. They get just as much pleasure out of you having something good.