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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We may have snow for christmas. It is very cold out and there are some flurries going on. The news says there my be a skiff of snow on the ground on Christmas day. I think we are going to open our gifts on christmas eve this year. Daughter broke up with the boyfriend so he will not be here. Will not be much of a loss.

I know what I am getting. Hubby and I often wait for Christmas to get things we feel we really want or need instead of buying them all year long. He asked me if I wanted a computer and I said yes. I do need one as this one keeps crashing on me and it does need work on it. I thought I would get the new one and keep this one as a back up or give it to my dauhter. Not sure bout giving it to her though. Not sure what brand I will get. Maybe and Hp. Or, another dell......

He told me what kind of camcorder he wanted so I got him and handicam. I was goig to get him a digital camera but he wanted a camcorder.

Well, I have to check some more prices out. I will post to you all tomorrow on your blogs.


  1. I'm hoping for snow too Garnet, if not maybe we should paint it on our windows or just go to Bernie's for Christmas and surprise her!

  2. I need a new computer and have ordered one: an HP.

  3. Hi Garnet, would love to have you and Wanda for Christmas, bring your families as you are all welcome and we have tons of snow. It has warmed up here and the sun is shinning.....feels so good.
    I have an HP laptop and a Dell desktop and I love both of them although my desktop is getting very full and is slowing down some but then it is almost 5 years old.
    Your Christmas plans sound lovely and as long as you are all together is what counts.....:-) Hugs

  4. I have HP and love them!!! Daughter and Hubby have Dell and they gripe on ocassion about diferent problems...hughugs