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Friday, January 8, 2010

I did not take this picture of winter here in Pa. but I saw it and thought of the old farmhouse we once lived in when we were first married. Unlike most young couples we did not think of buying a house right off the bat but we moved into an old farmhouse that I loved and I would look out my window and see a tree that stood in the middle of a snow covered field like this one.

We had tough times back then. As my husband says, 'We didn't have two nickles to rub together most of the time.' But we had each other and our families all around us and some of the best times walking through the snow that crunched beneath our feet as we walked a quarter of a mile to the neigbors at the end of a steep hill where our vehicle stayed parked during the cold spells. Some times we would take the sleds up the hill and leave them while we went to visit friends or family then ride the sleds back down the hill like a couple of overgrown kids.

After that it would be hot coco and toast for a treat.

I don't think I could do it now. My arthritus would kick in and I would be lucky to be able to crawl out of bed in a house that cold. But the memories of those times are wonderful and I am so glad I have them.


  1. Oh Garnet what wonderful memories you have.....it doesn't matter that you are unable to do it now, it matters that you were able to do it then....I loved this memory you shared with all of us....Hugs

  2. The early days were good, and so are these in a different way. It's good to be comfortable now.

  3. It's so universally true that the struggles we have when young seem like just grand adventures in our memories. It's also true that the hardships then were much easier for our young strong bodies to handle. We KNOW we aren't up to it any more.

  4. Had to get my coat on to read this post...LOL!!!! Goodness!!
    Happy weekend Sweetie!!hughugs

  5. That was a beautiful photo Garnet!
    Love Di

  6. Beautiful photo's.
    My neck has been bothering me, I wondered if it was the cold weather we had last week.