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Monday, January 4, 2010

One praise for today

Yesterday I awoke to the smell of sewage backing up and it was dank and dreary. I spent most of today in that mode too. I mean, it was such a dreary two days here. then my daughter called and said, 'Mom, I have pains in my chest and my left arm is numb from the elbow down.'

My daughter has heart problems and this is not something I wanted to hear from her. I told her to call the ambulance. We live over an hours drive from her and the roads were horrendous. she is rooming with two other women so I told her to go to them and have them call an ambulance. They did.

My husband and I spent some worried hours here before she called back and said it was bronchitus and they gave her meds for it. Her arm goes numb because she injured her arm when she fell some time ago and the nerve is pinched.

I guess I owe God two praises...I thank you god for being with my daughter, and for helping up get the sewage working again.


  1. As miserable as things can get (sewage and sickness are no fun), one realizes that things could be a lot worse. Hugs.

  2. Sorry for the sewage nuisance Garnet, but glad your daughter's medical problem wasn't anything worse.
    Take care,

  3. Pretty scary stuff. Glad she's not in any serious condition!

  4. i will take those praises anyday...so glad she was ok...and that the sewage is fixed!

  5. So happy that your daughter's illness wasn't more serious, and I know that sewage back up must of been horrible. I hope you have a much better day today.....:-) Hugs

  6. OMWord!!! How SCARY for you all!! So glad it wasn't her heart!!!(((((HUG)))))

  7. What a scare that was. While bronchitis isn't a good thing, it is better than the alternative.
    Also good that the sewer thing is cleared up. Love Di