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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am I the only one who gets angry when I go grocery shopping and sees the amount they are charging us for food? It is so ridiculous.  I have become a serious coupon shopper and was angry today when I went to my favorite store and they would not accept coupons that I had printed off the computer.   I went to another store and they said they did so you can guess where I am going to do much of my shopping now.  I did save a little at the store today but I will be saving more.  I am bound to make these coupons work for me.

I did dance with the grand today.  I felt so giddy but it felt good to dance around the floor of our living room with a three year old. laughing, giggling and doing the shimmy shake with her.

My camera does not work half the time and I am planning on getting a new one.  I would like to get one soon but I will be getting it laid back at kmart.  Not sure what I will get.  I miss not having one around.  Mine works part of the time so I am not totally without one but I cannot seem to get the instant ones like I could before. I have to slap the camera around a bit to get it to work.  Another person had a Sony and she said she had to do the same thing.

Well, I am being summoned by she who must be obeyed. *s* 


  1. Having food in our house has become increasingly harder lately. It is disgusting. I've been doing most of my shopping at Aldi.
    Glad you had fun with your granddaughter Garnet, we all need to play every now and then.
    Love Di ♥

  2. Hope you can get that camera soon. These are the best times at her age. God I miss my girls!!! Hugs!

  3. My grocery bill is much higher as well, it is because of the harsh winter and we get our fruits and vegetables from Florida and California. The cost has gone up from that and now will go higher because of shipping them here with oil/gas prices so high. I don't think I will be having many more shrimp stirfrys, but I never did mind mac and cheese. It is getting scary out there Garnet, everything is going up except this retired woman's pension.
    I was happy to read about you dancing with your grand, so much fun......:-)Hugs

  4. The hardest part for is the gas since I have a 30 minute commute on an interstate @ 75 MPH twice a day and this morning at my exit the price was $3.48. Horrible. Enjoy your time with the little one and have a great weekend.

  5. I noticed the prices going up a while back. I think your groceries in the USA are cheaper than ours anyway but beyond that, both countries have pretty cheap food! I just compare with my experience in Belfast 20 years ago when a single stalk of broccoli cost 89 pence which at the time was equal to $1.80 more or less. At the time we paid 89 cents for 3 stalks. It has gone up a bit but not much since then. I mainly shop at a store that has very good prices anyway- usually similar to Costco but without having to buy vast quantities. They don't have a lot of fancy stuff but all the basics are there.

  6. So happy you enjoyed the Gran!!!
    And the food prices are just going to continue to climb! You need to stock up on necessities!!!