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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This day started like all others.  I got out of bed and was wondering if I was still alive and what I would do for the day.  Hubby announced the coffee was ready so I sat down to have a cup with him. I have one cup. Only one that that does me for the day.  I have  been that way for years with coffee.  I would have several more when I was smoking but once I quit smoking, I almost quit on the coffee.

I looked outside and saw ice crystals on the snow and it really made the woods look like some form of winter wonderland when the sun glistened on them. I grabbed my camera and headed out to take some pictures.  I got out there and was snapping away when I saw that I had no card in the camera.  I had taken it out and forgot to put it back in.  I went back to the house and was going go back out but I had to go in to the drs office to get some papers signed at my drs office.  He needed me to do it before he did the procedure on the third and today was as good  day as any. 

By the time I got the papers done and delivered all the things my daughter wanted me to take to her then did some grocery shopping, my day was done.  I could not believe it had gone by so fast and I really did nothing but fill out papers and grocery shop.

They say time flies when you re having fun but I was not having fun so why did it fly by today?

One thing I did discover though...before I left the house, I decided to smile at people I did not know to see if they would react to me.  I smiled and said good day to all I saw, even the grumpy ones and do you know what?  Even the grumpiest looking ones smiled at me and said 'Hi" or some other greeting.  My friend is right..If you want someone to smile at you, do the same to them.  Even ones who do not know you will smile back at you. 


  1. Well at least you accomplished some things today. I have been reading and watching curling. I have to get my act together by tomorrow and take my library books back at least. Have a great week.....:-) Hugs

  2. Good for you Garnet. Everybody should try it.

  3. I love smiling at people for their reaction. I find that it makes the day much more pleasant!
    Time flies even when we're not having fun because with age comes knowledge. The knowledge that our time is running out makes it go by faster. Love Di ♥

  4. I think you are right, Di. I never thought of it like that.

  5. Is that sign hanging everywhere? I swear a church or something had a sign telling people to give away smiles or along that line - I saw it the last couple days.

    Time flies when you are busy. Plus, I think it somehow takes longer to do things when you hit a certain age. You just can't zip about like you used to.

  6. Doesn't take long to burn through a day!
    And I always smile at people...Just for Me!Hahaa

  7. We are supposed to be bold enough to initiate the action because others won't. It's a decision we have to make and just do it. You proved it works. Good girl. I have some funny stuff at my place if you get a chance to stop by.