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Monday, January 25, 2010

Love Knows No Color

Before we adopted out youngest daughter, she was living with us as a foster child for awhile. She was with us for a week before she showed me a picture of her mother and brother. They are black. My daughter favors her dad who is white. I waited for the caseworker to tell me she was biracial but she chose not to mention it til a few days before the adoption hearing. I think she thought we would not adopt Kris if we knew that. It seemed silly to me.

Recently a plane with 60 children landed in Pittsburgh and they were taken to childrens hospital where they examined them and set up a court room there at the hospital so the parents who came from all over the U.S. and Canada to adopt them. I thought it was a wonderful ending for those kids and their families.

Well, some do not agree with me. They have said, why aren't those kids going to black couples instead of white ones?

I don't care what color the parents are. If they love those children and want them, that is where those kids belong. One woman even pointed out that my daughter should not have been born because life for her was probably much harder because she was half black and would not be accepted by either race. You know what? My daughter has faced those issues and because she had a family that loves her and was willing to help her through all that, she was able to overcome such bigotry. That is what kids need. They just need to feel loved and be able to trust the people around them. All kids need that.

I don't know why more blacks do not step forward to adopt black children. Perhaps it is a money issue. It does cost alot of money to adopt a child.

I am just happy that something good came out of that horrible tragedy.


  1. If we can love all types of pets as our own children then why couldn't we have the capability to love any color child as our own?
    Love Di

  2. Diana is right in that thought. The shade of one's skin should never be an issue.
    Some people just look for things to complain about.

  3. Love is the ONLY thing that matters!!!hughugs