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Monday, February 1, 2010

Good afternoon Bloggars. I am feeling better today. The swelling is down and I don't look like someone punched me in the jaw any more. I still cannot eat much besides soup but it is helping me with my diet. *s* Soup and popsickles. Sugarless ones. Yeah, it will bring the pounds off. I guess that is one good way to look at it.

My youngest called and I am a bit concerned about her. She and hubby may or may not be seperating. She wants to come back here and he does not. He has been cut back on his job and she has one that does not pay much. I told her to try and work things out with him. She is welcome here but I am hoping they can work it all out. I think they both had so many plans and they could do all they had hoped to even though they both quit college in the last year and do not have good paying jobs to achieve what they want to. She wants to finish her education and get a better paying job. I think that is smart but her husband is a dreamer. Dreaming is fine but reality steps in when you have a little one to take care of.

I think they are like too many young ones today. They want it all and they want it now. They want what took their parents years to get. The house, the pool, the cars etc. They forget that it might have taken their parents years to get that and they had to work and go through hard times to get it.

I cannot say anything bad about my sil as he is a wonderful young man but he is a dreamer and he has to grow up. There is a baby involved in all this and I hope she does not suffer because of decisions they make.

Ah,no bakes. Hubby wants no bakes so I shall bake some for him. *s* I have a great recipe for them. They are so hard to do. LOL


  1. Well another way to look at it Garnet is that we all have to learn by our mistakes. It's just harder when we have to watch our children have to learn the lessons that we've already learned! Love Di

  2. Will say a prayer that all will work out for your daughter and her family......this generation is so very different than ours, some good some not so good. All will work out Garnet, it always does. The little one is a good reason to work together for sure.....:-) Hugs

  3. Soup sounds good in this cold, Garnet.
    The younger generation has so much out there, that they think they need. Times are very different and it is hard to achieve all they want. Hope things improve for your daughter.
    Smiles to you Garnet...Wanda

  4. Hmmm ... baking no bakes kind of puzzles this guy ... but he doesn't know what they are.

  5. I think you're right about some younger people and couples today lacking patience. They see us older people with more comforts and think that we have always had them. (Apparently they weren't listening to all our "boring" stories about hard times and growing up! LOL) We paid our dues and waited and had to live through some leaner times to get the things they grew up with.

    It's hard to wait; no kidding! But it's part of the deal.

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  7. I spelled so many words wrong earlier. I'll start over.
    I hope you are better soon!
    I'm sorry to hear of the problems with your daughter and SIL, hope they do work things out.

  8. I have come to the conclusion there is little I can do for my kids but be there when they need me.

    Donna...you are so right. We have to learn from our mistakes. All of us.

    Bernie...Yes, this generation is different. So much temptation out there for them.

    AC....No bakes are done on top of the stove. I say bake but they are not really baked. *s*