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Sunday, February 7, 2010

As you can see by the pictures I am posting, this was a huge storm here. Sad thing is, more is on the way. My daughter was here and we were trying to get minutes added to her cell phone and could not get thru to the company she was with so I think I am going to see if she could change companies cause she could not have used this phone if she had an emergency. I don't know why we could not get through but I will try and find out what is going on tomorrow.

My dog, eli is sleeping under my feet here. He finally got settled down. He is really getting to be a big dog. A big baby is more like it. He has this old piece of rag that was once a toy that he wants me to toss all the time but there is nothing left to it.

Oh, Joy! More snow on the way.............


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  2. Sorry Garnet, my fingers were on the wrong row of keys...LOL

    Great pictures, I have seen on the news that a lot of my blogging friends were getting hit with this snow storm.

    I love a good storm, I only dislike the bitter cold weather.

    Garnet it was probably the snow storm that interferred with reaching the phone company, I do agree you should contact them though as your daughter should always have her cell phone and be able to use it.

    Stay warm my friend..big hugs :-)

  3. We haven't had any of the snow...yet perhaps? I'm hoping it doesn't hit as I am the only one here to shovel it and I'm not sure how to start the snowblower.

  4. It does look beautiful Garnet! We are supposed to get ours tonight and tomorrow. I love snow days! They say we may get five to seven inches which is a lot for us! Stay warm and cozy!
    Love Di

  5. That's quite a lot. Oddly, we aren't getting much this winter. (But the white does stay.)

  6. Please stay warm and safe sweetie!!! We hear about the storms!!

  7. I'm surprised we didn't get much snow - just a sprinkling to clean things up. But it doesn't look so pretty here either.