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Saturday, February 13, 2010

IT has been a long rough week. One that will go down for the records as far as snow storms go. It is still snowing here. It was not supposed to start til later but it started this after noon.

I did get to go out and get some groceries today and enjoyed seeing two ringed neck pheasant and some hens. The game commission must have set them loose. They are beautiful birds. We raised them when we lived on the farm. The males are gorgeous. I did not have my camera with me but as you can see they are very pretty. Especially against the snow.

I try to see beauty in everything and the sights out in the woods. It was like winter wonderland.


  1. The snow certainly makes his feathers look good. Can't be bad to be wearing a home grow feather duvet in this kind of weather!

  2. We have snow showers predited for later this afternoon, but the sun is very bright at the moment!

  3. It is beautiful Garnet, It's snowing here again today. But I will admit that I am looking forward to April!
    Love Di

  4. What a lovely photo of this pheasant....beautiful.
    I have seen on the news that you were having heavy snow, it does make for a pretty picture but it can get tiring after a while Garnet. I am looking forward to Spring.
    The sun is out today but the wind is very cold.
    Happy Valentine's day sweetie, I hope it is a good one....:-) Hugs