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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Guess what? It is still snowing out. *sigh* It is to snow some each day this week. I will be jumping for joy when April arrives. We may have some sunshine by then. I know I will be so happy. I have had enough of this old time winter.

Hubby and I did get out for Valentines Day. We stopped to see the eldest daughter for a frw minutes then went on to The China Dynasty, a favorite place of our. I love the way it is decorated. The golds, reds and dark midnight blues of the interior are so grogeous. Very few of the people that work there speak English real well. The chinese music is okay but Bill kept wondering why they were playing Auld Lang Syne. I told him it was the Chinese New years today.

After that I went to Bath and Body works to buy some Japanese Cherry Blossom Lotion. I really like their lotions. Then across the way to the bookstore where I picked up a few books. After that, the ride home, which was an experience in this weather but we made it home safely.

I hope you all had a wonderful day.


  1. You really are getting a lot of snow Garnet....we have had flurries many days now but no real accumulation. I too am looking forward to Spring.

    Your day sounded like fun, and Chinese Food would of been delicious.

    Your body lotion sounds lovely, I bet it smells heavenly....I may try it when I need more. I usually wear Perlier (Lavendar) and find it so relaxing.

    Have a great Monday......:-) Hugs

  2. I have a small bottle of the same cherry blossom lotion, Garnet. I wish it were cherry blossoms we had on the trees, instead it's snowing here again today!

    Stay warm Garnet!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your day! I can't Wait for Spring! I Never miss Winter!

  4. Oh how I am longing for April Too Garnet! But what a nice Valentine's Day you had, I think that makes up for the weather a little bit!
    Love Di