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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I have been trying to get involved in the winter Olympics this year but just cannot seem to get into them. Perhaps it is because of all the snow out there and I want to see somethings that do not remind me that it is winter time. I want to look at sand and beaches with bright sun glowing above. Maybe I can do that this summer some time but it sure is not going to happen any time soon.

I was able to get out and go to bath and body works where I could buy some of their fabulous lotions and bath items. Smelling them made me feel good.

I am planning on baking some cookies so I can send a care package down to my daughter next week. Her husband is allergic to dark chocolate so I am going to use white chocolate for it.

It is not the recipe on the package of Nestles but it is the original one which is slightly different and a whole lot better.

Going to check out some of your blogs now.;


  1. Oh Garnet, all I have been doing since Friday night is watching the Olympics, I love them. I actually prefer the winter Olympics to the Summer ones.
    Now I can just taste your cookies, I bet they are wonderful.
    Love ya......:-) Hugs

  2. That's true Garnet, Bernie has been bitten by the Olympic Bug!
    I've watched a little myself, but mostly just the highlights on the news! I'm baking breakfast muffins later today, while waiting for this snow to melt!

  3. Hi Garnet, you are not the only blogger I know that has been daydreaming about warmth and sunshine! It seems to be that time of year when thoughts of warm air and green life are crossing our minds often! Love Di

  4. I'd rather see beaches than snow any day. Cookies sound good - but I need to lose weight.

  5. We're a bit busy and tired at night, so I'm having some trouble following the Olympics.