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Friday, February 26, 2010

It is cold and snowing like crazy out. The wind is howling and I could be in a bad mood but I choose to be in a good mood today. My daughter called and said they may be moving back at Easter time. She said she has to be moved back for summer school. I am glad for that.

I have spent the day baking and making candy. I made two batches of peanut butter fudge. I never made it for sure and wanted some to send out to friends and that is what I decided to make sense some are allergic to chocolate.142 rocks road I made the fudge and oatmeal cookies. Hubby made chocolate chip ones for my one daughter. He uses white chips and they turned out quite good.

I am tired but it is a happy tired. Good night.


  1. Oh that fudge sounds so good... I think because I am a diabetic all sweets sound good, I know I can't eat them. You must be covered in snow by now Garnet, it seems it has been snowing there forever, stay warm my friend........:-) Hugs

  2. Cold and snowy weather is a good reason to stay in the kitchen and cook!

  3. I can actually smell your kitchen! Mmmm... Think spring!
    Love Di

  4. My mother always made peanut butter fudge in the winter. Try to enjoy the snow Garnet, it snowed here again last night too.
    Keep warm...Wanda

  5. GoodLordy Girl all that sounds SO GOOD!!!
    Stay warm!