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Monday, March 1, 2010

So it is still snowing. My daughter called and wants me to do some computer shopping for her. She really does need one. I found man here who redoes them like new. I wish I would have known about him before christmas. I could have gotten my old ones fixed for about a hundred 20 for both of them. grrrr..but I will get them fixed and will not have to buy a new one for ages.

I loved the hockey game. It was fun and fantastic.

I got all my packages mailed out. Full of the fudge and gifts for the little one. Have a good day everyone!!!


  1. Garnet, we are about 3 weeks ahead of our normal weather for this time of year, today was sunny and gorgeous and I was out most of the afternoon enjoying the sunshine.
    We need a computer tech here in my small town, would be a great business for someone for sure.
    Hope the snow stops soon my friend, and I think its wonderful how you shared your baking with your loved ones, now they are the lucky ones......:-) Hugs

  2. No more snow, no more snow! I noticed yesterday that my Easter Lily's are popping through! It is 40's here moving up to the 50's by the weekend. I wish I could send some your way!
    Love Di ♥