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Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have not been on blogger that much lately because I got that I could not stand on my foot without pain and my dr. sent me to the emergency room. Turns out my diabetes is causing the tendons in my ankles and knees to tear. There are several tears in my achilles tendon. I have been told to stay off my feet while this is going on and been put on pain meds. I am out here now cause 'nurse ratchet', (my husband) is not here at the this time.

It saddens me cause it is so nice out and I want to go out and walk but I can't. We were going to go up to our camp but it looks like that is out for me too this weekend. Oh, well...at least I don't have to cook today. Hopefully, I can get on my foot long enough tomorrow to do some cooking for hubby. He has been a good nurse but way over protective.

I hope all of you are feeling good and having a good week. I may get to some of your blogs soon. If not today, then tomorrow.


  1. Overprotective can be a good thing...YOU take it Easy Girl!!

  2. Feet are in the news in Blogland, that's for sure! Not suprising as March = Pisces, which equates to the feet in the Zodiac allegiance stakes !

  3. Be careful not to overdo Garnet.
    I guess you knew about Diana having a foot problem too! ♥