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Friday, March 12, 2010

Something came up....

Something came up this morning and I was thinking, I am going to blog about that. Yes, it is something I really want to write down. I took my shower, brushed my teeth and thought about what I was going to blog about.

I had my coffee and answered the phone. It was some political thing. I answered the questions. All the while I did this, I thought about what I was going to blog.

I sat down at the computer and...................my mind went totally blank. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and if I think of what that was, I will start blogging........

This is several hours later....I was sitting on the couch when I remembered thinking about my buttered toast this a.m.

My toast in recent years lacked some thing. When I was young and had buttered toast it tasted so good. I thought it must be my old age that was causing my toast to taste bland. Just flat tasting.

We switched to margarine several years ago when we were told butter was bad for us. Some research was done by yours truly and some of the things I learned was that butter (in moderation) was butter for you then margarine.

A few days ago I bought my first pound of butter since the early 70's. I bit into that toast yesterday and I it tasted so good. It was the toast I remember from my child hood.

No wonder Paula Dean says we should only use butter cause much of the additives in margarine are not goo for us. And butter does taste better.


  1. I LOVE butter. Alas, we have used Becel for about 25 years (non-hydrogenated) for my husband's high cholesterol. I put real butter out for big family dinners. I have to avoid bread altogether but I agree that buttered toast is so much better than margarine.

  2. The more we learn the less we know. I guess the consensus is that natural is better than fake. Still ... I wish butter wouldn't be hard all winter.

  3. I love real butter, but like A/C I wish it didn't stay so hard during the winter months......:-) Hugs

  4. I Never fell for that old margarine trick!!Hahaa...We've used real butter for almost 40 yrs. Same thing with eggs, water, charcoal, on & on & on...They really don't have a clue!
    Mother Nature is the Best in Everything!

  5. Oh yes we switched back to butter some time ago. We don't really use a lot so I don't worry about the fat. And I always use olive oil to cook with too. The family loves the taste better than vegetable oil.
    Love Di