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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sometimes the net is a strange place

I picked up a follower of sorts. I am not sure I like him following me.I belong to a chat site and it seems as though one of the chatters on there does not like me. He found this blog and was posting all sorts of nasty stuff on that other sight about how ugly and I am and posting my picture and all. I feel sorry for him cause I think people that do that kind of stuff are seeking negative attention. I think he is a very lonely, bitter person. I don't know him so I don't know what made him like that.

Any way, I have been trying to rest my leg again. It seems to be coming along just fine.

My daughter called to say they may be moving up here sooner than I thought they would be. Right now she is pretty stressed and we all know how moving when you have a child can be stressful.

I am going to make apple muffins tomorrow. I hope they turn out well. Bye for now.

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