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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where are all my blogland friends? Hopefully you are like me, out and about, enjoying this lovely spring weather we are having. I was out in my flower garden today and it felt so grand to be out there cleaning out my flower bed and seeing all the lovely tulips popping up.

I was so happy they did not all die off during this awful winter. I heard turkeys doing their mating call in the woods tonight and that is another sure sign of spring. It was fun watching my dogs and cats chase each other around the yard. They have been raised together and do not see each other as enemies. Rather just friends to romp with. It is fun watching them jump and run.

It looks like the health care bill will pass. I am not sure this is the right bill for this country. I think it is too bloated. They need to trim much from it and I am afraid that the president will change his mind on having abortions performed using tax money and it will be put back in...I hope not. I am very anti abortion unless the mother's life is at stake. Oh, well, we shall see how this flies.

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