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Monday, March 22, 2010


I am wondering what has happened to all my blog friends. The last person I know to read my blog has been my stalker. A young man who I feel is a bit unstable and I know he read it cause he told me then proceeded to tell me how rotten it was and what a lousy person I was. I just considered the source and moved on and I will do that now.

We had a bear in our back yard tonight. Really In my mil's back yard. It was at her bird feeder. It weighed about 300 lbs. A black bear. We tried to get pics but he was gone by the time we got back outside.

I got a picture of Alix and her puppy. She is really growing so fast...I was trying to post it here but it does not seem to want to post so I am going to have to work on it. It is too big. I will put it up tomorrow night.

Hubby and I decided it is time to shop for a new car. We decided that the day we were at our daughters and our brakes gave way on the hill in front of her place and he had to drive thirty miles without brakes. I hate it but time to buy a new one.

I hope you are all well and having a great month!!!

I really do need to learn how to make a template for this blog.


  1. I am so glad. They all are but my stalker tried to make sure they could not read it. thanks alot for posting. I was getting lonely here.

  2. Hi Garnet, This was the first post of yours out of the last three that showed as new on my reader. Otherwise I would have been here sooner! I am glad to be here and I am sorry for your problem. I guess some people don't have much else to do! I read about your black bear! I wish I could have seen it but glad I wasn't there if you know what I mean LOL!!
    Love Di ♥

  3. Glad you're back up and running.

  4. I'm still here too. Don't always comment cuz I don't always know just what to say.

  5. So glad your blog is now accessible, did you change things around yourself....maybe it wasn't your stalker friend:(

    Anyway I am glad all is well now, I see Di has been here and I am sure Wanda will be over soon.

    Big hugs sweetie.......:-)

  6. Bernie...No. I changed this after it got that I found out I was not getting replies. I came in after a few days and decided to put the new background up and new pic. I am just glad to be reading you all again.