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Thursday, April 22, 2010

It has been a beautiful but cool spring day today. I was going to go for a walk but my leg is giving out on me and I have to see the orthopedic surgeon Monday and I did not want to risk having more problems with it so I just sat and quilted and looked out my window while my grand played with her toys. We also watched the movie PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, on of my favorites. Jane Austin was a favorite of mine.

The black bear has been at our bird feeders again. He comes in at night and we don't really get to see him to get nice pictures of him so we decided to put a trail camera out. What we got was a picture of a bears paw swatting it and pics of the inside of his mouth cause he tried to eat it. It makes a buzzing sound when it is about to snap a picture and we think he thinks it is a bee or something.

My daughter paid me a compliment today. She was telling me about her friend who was disowned by her parents for having a baby and no husband. She took the money she inherited from her grandma and had artificial insemination because she was in her thirties and wanted a baby. Her parents were appalled. When she got sick and needed someone to care for the baby the parents put the baby in foster care cause they said the kid was not theirs and they did not want to take care of it. The woman got the child back as soon as she was able to take care of it. Anyway, this woman asked kris if I would adopt her?*s* I said yes, the house is big enough for many more.

There is always room for one more at my place. Like my foster mom would say, just throw another tater in the pot and a mat on the floor.


  1. You have such a wonderful heart Garnet. That was very generous of you to offer.
    Have you ever seen the movie called "The Jane Austin Book Club"? It is one of my favorites and is a very good movie.
    Hope your knee starts to feel better soon. I just got two cortisone shots and one Synvisc shot in both of mine yesterday. I need a total knee replacement of the left knee. I am trying to put it off for two more years.
    Love Di ♥

  2. So are you adopting this child? Or is your daughter doing it just like you? In either case - you both have wonderful warm hearts. I know I couldn't handle babies or young children for the long haul. Teens perhaps but I'm sure they have a lot of issues if they are in foster care and maybe I don't have what it takes.

  3. Hi Garnet, I agree with your foster mom, put another potato in the pot, we may not have much but we will share what we have very happily.......love your heart.....:-) Hugs

  4. I have just bought the book Pride and Prejudice. I haven't started it quite yet. Can you believe i've never read it before?!?
    Hope your visit to the Dr on Monday goes well.

    Amanda x

  5. Bless your hearts!!! What a loving thing to do!
    And I LOVE Jane Austen!! Especially, Emma.

  6. Oh this girl just wants someone else to call mom since her high class mom and dad disowned her for having a baby. Seems like a stupid thing to do in this day and age. She can call me mom. *s*

  7. Diana..I hope your knee gets better.