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Friday, April 23, 2010

Vengence is sweet...

I have decided that the mothers curse I laid on my daughter has come true. The one where you give your child that steely-eyed look and say, "When you grow up I hope you have kids that act just like you." This adorable angel that is sharing my roof and food makes my heart sing when she screams, yells and pitches a fit when her mom asked her to do something and she is not in the mood to cooperate. I thought to myself as she ran through the house buck naked and yelled "NO!" (screamed was more like it) while her mom ran behind her diaper in one hand and baby wipes in another, yelling for that sweet little angel whose pic I often post in here to stop.

I was almost giddy with delight as I listened to that sweet little darling, scream and pound against the bedroom door when her mom tried to get her to go to bed.

She has her dads good looks and her moms temper that makes me smile.

Yep...the curse worked. *s*


  1. Now this is funny.......:-) Hugs

  2. Sounds like the curse has a blessing along with it...

  3. I don't recall ever cursing any of my kids with that - at least not verbally. What's funny is that my oldest's stepdaughter is just like him.