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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I am sorry I have not been on much. I am not getting out and doing much now and it is hard to find things to write about.

But this day started out rather bad for me. I awoke to my husband frantically searching the house for our little dog at five in the morning. She was no where to be found and we thought she might have been hiding like she was the other morning and just did not see us or hear us. She is almost blind and cannot hear at all but she is very healthy and such a joy to us. He and my daughters were outside searching for her for three hours before they found her in the woods across the road from our house wondering around and whimpering.Apparently my youngest daughter left her out last night and forgot to let her in. Normally she would have scratched at the door but she must have gotten turned around and could not find her way back to the door. We were just grateful she was okay.

I had two big holes wore into my feet cause the girl who put the cast on did not do it right. Since I have numbness in my feet they did not hurt but my toes started to look different so I had my husband look at it. He was upset when he saw it and so was my physician. If I had not gone in to have them checked, I might have lost my big toe and my little one and a diabetic knows that is bad news. Once they start cutting, it seems like they don't stop. But the doc said I got in there in time to save the foot. I was lucky.

Good night for now.


  1. Wow - close call with your foot! Hope that girl gets reamed out for that.

    Also glad your dog was found. I'd have been worried sick.

  2. I was worried about the dog. She is my buddy.

  3. Oh so glad that you caught that foot problem right away, good for you and your smart husband! I hope it heals better now Garnet.
    And I felt so sorry for your little dog! All alone and lost, it breaks my heart so I am thrilled that you found her. Thank the Lord! Now she needs some extra lovin'!
    Love Di ♥

  4. Sorry about the tough times with health and dogs and so on. I guess things are bound to get better, eh? Hope, hope.