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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I started this earlier and lost all my info so I am starting again. I am using the computer the girls got me for mothers day tonight. Had problems with the cord but it works fine now.

I am wheelchair bound for a few months abd the little one keeps me going. I have fun with her and will make up for all the months I lost being with her. I have some pics of her and am trying to learn how to do this but have not gotten all the kinks out of this. I never used a lap top before. Just once a long time ago.

I will try to get around to some of my blogs tomorrow.


  1. Hope you are feeling better. I am so happy you have your granddaughter with you, I use my laptop every night and it is so easy as I can catch up lying in bed, I love it.....:-) Hugs

  2. Laptops are good. I used one for years and still use it over at the kids place. Best wishes with everything.

  3. I've used a laptop for years now - it's great to be able to take it where you are.

    It's the wheelchair I'd have problems with.

    Glad you get to spend time with your grand-daughter.

  4. A laptop is all that I use anymore. I have to keep my feet up when I sit or my knees hurt too much. You'll get the hang of it soon Garnet. And like Jeannie said, it's great to take it where you are, even in the yard on a beautiful day!!
    Good luck Garnet. Love Di ♥