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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ten Heroes

If you could list ten heroes, who would they be and why? (anyone but Jesus)
1. Mr. Rogers...This was such a gentle soul who really cared about the children he was reaching on a daily basis. Many of those children learned their life's lessons from him.

2. Oprah Winffrey...this woman went through so much and she never let anything stop her from achieving her dream. She could have given up. But she would not listen to those who told her she would never amount to anything because she was too ugly or came from the wrong side of the tracks. She was even told by some of her bosses in the early years that the only way she would make it in t.v. was to have her face lifted. She did not do it and still achieved her dream.

3. Barbra Walters...Another one who was told she would never make it in the man's world of news broadcasting because she was a woman and because she had a speech defect. She made it any way. She proved that women could do it and paved the way for Diane Sawyer and many others like her.

4. Eleanor Roosevelt...I have always admired this woman. This woman could have sat there and enjoyed her place as the first lady but she chose to get out and use her role as first lady to become a defender of human rights everywhere. She was very optimistic and energetic. She drew people too her.

5. Jonas Salk....I had a friend who had polio and died with it at a very young age.I know what this dreaded disease did to people and I will always think of him and others who do this kind of work as heroes.

6. Paul Newman...I could admire this man for his looks but that is not why he is here. He could have gone one and did little but act then retire but he Invented Newmans Own food company in which Salad dressings and other food items were sold and the profits went to a foundation called Hole in the Wall. It is a camp for seriously ill kids. He gave millions away in charity and no one knew about.

7.Rosa Parks...This woman could have meekly given up her seat on the bus to the man who wanted it but she was weary of being treated like an animal simply because of the color of her skin. I admire her for going against the grain and not giving in. Because of that small action of defiance, a movement was born. One that was long overdue.

8. Jimmy Carter...I did not admire him as a president because I thought he was a good man and too good a president. I admire him for the things he has done since leaving the presidency. His Habitat for Humanity projects have shown me this man cares about people. He is not sitting on his laurels while the world passes him by. He reaches out to those less fortunate. His work at The Carter Center has given Jimmy Carter world-wide recognition as an international mediator and promoter of democracy and human rights. He has traveled the world mediating conflicts and monitoring elections, in East Timor, the West Bank, Haiti, and most recently in Jamaica. He has even been to Cuba.

9. Helen Keller...This woman was deaf and blind but she managed to Overcome her handicaps with the help of Ann Sullivan. She led a full life and proved that no matter what your handicap is, you can overcome it.

10. My foster mom..I could not make a list of heroes and not include her. She raised five children on her own because her husband was always away with another woman or whatever. He was rarely there.She not only took care of elderly that many did not want but she took in kids that no one wanted. When I went there she had a 90 year old woman we called Aunt Rose and her son Tony, who was in his 70's and retarded, plus a three year old boy and me. She always had a menagerie in her home. I could go on and on about what a great woman she was. I loved her. *s*

Notice I did not put any sports people up there and only one politician. I could have added Jerry Lewis, the actor for his work but I only wanted ten. *s*


  1. I'm glad you did this. You made me see a few people in a different light. And maybe I have a few heroes now myself. Thank you.

  2. What a great post Garnet, I so admire you for writing about your top 10, I may try this if you don't mind my using your idea.....I find these people have all been an inspiration one way or another.....Wonderful Choices!....Hugs

  3. In no particular order:
    1. Winston Churchill--he was a savvy/wise/great leader.
    2. John Adams--great negotiator/knowledgeable/great leader/discerning diplomat/wise/loving husband.
    3. William Wilberforce--fought tirelessly to end slavery.
    4. Joni Earekson Tada--loves the Lord and has lived her faith in her life/she reflects Jesus/humble.
    5. Billy Graham--probably has done more to reach the world for Jesus than any other person I know/devoted his life to Jesus.
    6. Abraham Lincoln--a simple yet prolific man/wise/unafraid to implement what he felt led or compelled to implement/humble.
    7. Missionaries--they put it all on the line/do with out/live out their faith in action.
    8. Military--lay down their lives for others/defend our nation/selflessly sacrifice.
    9. The Apostle Paul--where would we be without his epistles/defender of the faith/teacher/bold/willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of the Gospel.
    10. Florence Nightingale--born in to wealth yet willing humbled herself in caring for others/selfless/worked tirelessly/founded the nursing profession/implemented better sanitary.

  4. I like that you added your Foster Mom...sweet words!

  5. Your list was wonderful Garnet. I don't really think about hero's much. When I think of the word hero, I think of all of the young service men and women throughout the years that have sacrificed their time and their lives for our country. As far as famous people go, I've just never given it a thought I suppose.
    Love Di ♥

  6. A great list. There were some surprises, but I think you were right.