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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another day in Paradise.

I was watching a show today where this woman wrote everything on her blog. Whatever happened in her life she told her friends in blogland. Sort of like we do. But she really went into detail. Well she got sick and they could not figure out why so they went into her blog and started reading it. Turned out she made a trip somewhere and did not think to tell the dr. so he was able to deduce that she caught a bug while there. So she was able to help solve the problem because she blogged. I knew there was a good reason for doing this.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President. I hope he had a good one.

I have been working on corn and freezing it. I have also been doing green beans and peas. Have lots of peas to do tomorrow. I just wish my husband would not be so helpful. He annoys me when he attempts to help me.

We have been trying to get a photo of one of the  bucks that come into our yard at night and we finally did get this guy.  He is almost like a pet but he does not come out til later at night.  He runs with two others but they were not with him.  They are among the reason I call this paradise.  I love the animals that roam about here.



  1. Nice shot of the buck Garnet!! That blog story that you told reminded me of the show "House"! I love that show. Your husband sounds very nice but I do know what you're saying. When that happens at my house I just tell him to go play video games! He scurries off happily like a little 12 year old boy!! Love Di ♥

  2. Such a nice picture, no wonder you call it paradise....heck just let your husband help Garnet........then he won't be able to complain if something doesn't tast right this winter.
    Sounds like you are almost all better, sure hope so.........:-) Hugs

  3. Reading about this woman that blogged made me smile as I wonder sometimes about this whole blogging thing. :) Your garden sounds wonderful as your visitor, as long as he's not eating your garden produce as some are doing around here. We too are enjoying the fruits of our garden...so yummy!

  4. You are more energetic than I am with putting things up in the freezer, Garnet. If it's from your garden, do the deer try to eat it. They do here.

  5. beautiful! we had deer at our old house long ago - it was in the city but next to a large natural park - we had a lot of wildlife.

  6. the deer do not seem to bother our garden. Hubby is always experimenting with things to put around the garden they may not like. They do not like marigolds and certain other flowers.

    Donna...it was House i was watching.

  7. jeannie... more wildlife is coming into the cities around us. They have seen quite a few black bear in Pittsburgh and it is a rahter large city.