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Thursday, August 5, 2010

So I am not the most computer literate person in the world but there are times when I can whiz right through things and have no problems at all but for the  life of me, I cannot figure out why I cannot stay on line at times. I keep getting bumped off.   I keep wondering what is going on and we have  been working on it for days. No one can figure out what is doing it.

I learned today that there are some people you should just not discuss politics with.  My friend Marty is a great woman.  She would do most anything for you but if you want to discuss politics, you had better be republican or keep your mouth shut.  I am an in betweener.  I can see the good and bad in both parties but Marty sees only the  bad things about the democrats. I am a democrat.  I love her dearly but I must bite my tongue many times when she speaks.  She loves to discuss politics but she is a real stinker when it comes to the democrats.  She has no time for our views at all so I try and steer clear of the subject or just nod silently while she speaks.  I do not think politics are worth losing friends over and she is a good friend. 

But do some of you have friends like that?  Their veiwpoint of the world is the only way?

I am not the worlds greatest OBama fan.  I think we could have done better but I think he has a big mess to clean up.  John McCain may have handled things better. I don't know.  I know many in Az. do not like him.  I will not tolerate those who make fun of Palin.  I do not see her as the stupid woman that so many democrats do.  I do not  blame her for what her daughter did like they do and I think it is silly  for them to say she is a bad mom or stupid.  That kind of stuff is ridiculous of that to say.

I think she is a great mom who did like so many of us did.  She raised her kids the best she knew how and  mostly they have turned out okay.  I just disagree with her on some issues.  But I hate the people who call her names or make light of some of the things she has said or done. 

So I can talk some politcal issues with Marty and will agree on many things but I do not get rabid a bout it or in anyones face.  I have seen too many friendships end over stuff like that.  It is little stuff but it grows and grows after a while.

How do some of you handle opinionated people. People who just will not see your way at all.  I am pretty good at ignoring some of the stuff but it does wear me down after awhile.  I try not to snap  because she has so many good qualities.

What to do?  Should I keep politely steering her away from the subject when she gets heated like I have been doing or give her some of her own medicine?

The thing is, she is very educated and I feel a bit dumb around her at times.  I feel like she is scolding me if I say something she disagrees with.  She had several years of college and taught school for many years as well as worked as a missionary for a long period of time.  She has travelled and seen things that I will never see and I feel inadequate at times when I am dealing with her.  I know she does not mean to make me feel that way but it happens....


  1. Don't be intimidated because she has more education than you do. I didn't finish college but not because I couldn't. I have had numerous employees who were college students and not so very bright. And others who barely finished high school who were brilliant. Guess what? It often comes down to the circumstances of one's life whether or not people get various opportunities. Your friend was very fortunate to have the experiences she did but it doesn't make her automatically more intelligent.
    But if you are not comfortable getting into a heavy discussion then don't. I'm not into politics so much either and many people can run rings around me and I don't care. I know what I know and I know what I feel. Like you, I can see there is good and bad on all sides. Perhaps you should let her know you don't agree with her on all points but it's not something you want to discuss. Can you agree to disagree?

    I hate to say this but it is very common for teachers to give the impression that they think they know everything. It is necessary to appear authoritative in front of a classroom of kids but this can be an annoying trait when that teacher may be talking to an actual authority on some subject.

    You have had many life experiences that your friend has not. She was likely quite privileged and saw life from that point of view. You've seen another side completely. I'm willing to bet that you are the more compassionate.

    You do need to speak up if only to shut her up so you don't become resentful. If she continues to throw her opinions around, then she is not a friend, she is a bully.

  2. As a retired teacher, I am used to knowing nothing and admitting it, but that's just me maybe.

    I think I was once told or heard that it's best to steer clear of discussing both politics and religion. People get overly invested in their opinions being "right" and no one ever changes their mind. Ever.

  3. I must admit to being a flaming Republican...I love Sarah, can't stand McCain OR Obama...I love Glenn Beck, Huckabee and Boehner...
    That's ME! NEVER would I try to MAKE you believe the Way I do....IF you ASKED me I would answer you, Otherwise...no. I do agree on one Democratic phrase though...If we're not in these wars to Win them then, Get OUT and bring our sons and daughters Home! 3000 lives already gone in Iraq, and you Know when we finally bring everyone home next year, it will go back to the way things Were before we Got there...makes me Sick...
    I guess I said all that to say This...Just ask her chill out. If you love her than the friendship is worth it. If you Don't than just start being busy doing other things...
    Happy weekend sweetie. It'll work out the way it's suppose to in the end...

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  5. Garnet.....just say "no", a good Republican will understand that........:-) Hugs

  6. Oh she is good friend and has been for years and that is why I try to steer to a different subject when it comes to politics with her. It is the best way to keep her as a friend, I think.

    Jeannie..thanks for the advice. I often feel i timidated around thos who are better educated.

  7. There is always someone smarter than us Garnet. Which means there are many smarter people than your friend as well.
    If I were in your situation, I would just politely say "I'm sorry but I really prefer not to talk politics with anyone as everyone has thier own views."
    If she starts to get excited after that, ask her how her garden is doing or something like that. If she's THAT smart, she'll get the message! Love Di ♥

  8. Family and friends and Fish.. no politics, no religion, no lending money or they all get stinky.

    Love Brooke