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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh, it is just a dog...

A friend of mine owns horses and she gets upset when people complain about her spending money on her animals and they say, 'oh, it is just a horse'.  I know how she feels. 

I am a dog lover.  I love dogs.  They have been a part of my life many years.  My husband and I were married several years before we adopted and during that time, I had my dogs to take care of.  They were my shadows.  They followed me everywhere.  When the rest of the world turned against me, my were there to help me get through whatever tough times my husband and I were having.

They were not special dogs of any kind.  They were just kind, loving and loyal friends who I told all my secrets too.  When I cried, they would put their head on my lap and cry with me.  When I was happy, they danced with joy and did tricks for me.  They are always there for me when the rest of the world isn't.

When they get sick, I take them to the vet and, yes, it does cost money.  I am not rich and some think I should not put any money into the dogs. I have been told to just have them shot and get another one.  One was blind and I was told to put him down because he could not see.  All I had to do was lead him around when I walked him outside.  My mother was blind and I would not put her down simply for being blind.  He lived many long, happy years even though he could not see.  And, yes I spend money on money and shots because that is what you do when you care about something or someone.

They are my friends and part of my family.  I would be lost without them.  I worry about them the way I do my loved ones.  I often wonder who will take care of them when I am gone if my husband goes before me.  My daughter says not to worry but I still do.

I started this a few days ago when I woke up with this thought of what I wanted to blog for on that day but  once I got half way through it, something happened and I had to shelve it for a time.  So I am posting it today.


  1. I feel the same way about dogs and there are lots of others as well. I do know a few people who don't care for them at all and I just shrug.

  2. I have heard that with dogs, the sense of smell is more important that sight.

  3. The people who say you should do this or that don't deserve to ever have pets. In the last year of my husbands life our collie Alex didn't let him out of his sight. When Rich had a bad day and was in pain, he'd lay down on the bed and Alex would lay right next to him and put his head right on his chest and stare at him as if to say I'm here and I'm watching you. That's not something you can ever just "get rid of"!!!

  4. As Long as the dog is otherwise healthy, I don't see a problem. Love is blind! Love Di ♥