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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy day!!!

It is almost four in the morning and I am not sleeping cause the little one is having night mares. She woke up crying and came to my room.  Bless her heart.  I hate it when kids have night mares.  I would get horrible ones and often would not have anyone to comfort me when I was very small.  When you are in an over crowded orphanage, there is not enough people to comfort you when you cry. Often the other kids would be the only ones there.  So I have a soft spot for kids when it comes to that. I just cannot let them cry like some people say I should.  I did go and get her mom after she calmed down because I think the mom should be the one holding them and comforting them when she is in the house.

I did keep busy working on the quilt today. It was after I went to Ollies and got some bargains there then went to the doctor who said my ankle was fine now.  I just have to be careful not to step the wrong way on it.

I am sleepy but not ready to go to sleep so I think I will read the book I am reading for awhile. I have to read before I go to bed. I have a night time ritual.  I check out my facebook for the last time each day then check out some blogs and work on mine if I have anything to say then I take my medicine, shower then curl up with a book. I have to read some before I go to bed.  It is strange but I can't seem to fall asleep if I do not read.

Good night all and I hope you all have a wonderful day. 


  1. This leaving them to cry method is something I just can't do myself. If ever Amy is awake in the night I can't sleep and need to make sure she is fast asleep before I feel comfortable again.

    CJ xx

  2. I'm with you - a frightened child needs comfort.

    I need to read or have the tv on to sleep.

  3. Reading is my therapy! It takes my mind off stressful things and allows me to enter another world. My late husband was also orphaned. He was 2 so never knew his parents. Unfortunately he was raised in a very abusive foster home. The one consolation was that an older brother and sister were in it with him and watched over him all the time. I cannot imagine a child being so frightened and not having someone to hold them and say it's ok. That's why he was a good parent to his children. Never wanted them to go through anything that he had to. Special people with special places in their heart!

  4. barb...I was raised by a great foster mom. I went thru some nasty times in other homes before I got her but she was wonderful.

  5. She must have been wonderful. Based on what you've written I would think so. There are some truly good people in the world.

  6. My grandmother would have to read every night before bed too Garnet. I think you have a wonderful heart. I too could never let my children cry. People would always say that I spoiled them. I would say, "They are my children and if I want to spoil them I will!". Well you know, they all turned out fine. There is nothing wrong with comforting and love.
    Love Di ♥