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Friday, August 13, 2010

There was a time when I thought I would never be one of those people always on the computer.  Well, I want to tell you I am grateful for this wonderful machine that has put me in contact with many marvelous people I would never had a chance of knowing if it were not for the computer. No one can really guess how some who I have never met have helped me with some problems in my every day life.  I appreciate all they have done and said, including you all.  I appreciate all the kind words and good thoughts you have sent my way.

Our tomatoes are ripened and I have been enjoying some great tomatoes sandwiches.  My grand also brought me in some elderberries.  I will soon be making pies with those.  I love them.  So does she.  She likes bitter things.  She eats lemons.  I kid you not.  She will bite into that lemon slice like it was a piece of candy.

I know when they move closer to where my daughter wants to go to college, twenty miles from here, I am going to miss her but I will visit her often.  They want to have enough saved up so they can move next spring or right after Christmas.  I know I will miss them all but especially her. 


  1. Oh I love hearing all the cute things your granddaughter does, yes you will miss her Garnet but I know you are enjoying and appreciating the time you have together now.
    Your tomatoes sound so good, I too have been eating many tomato sandwiches which I love.
    We all love and appreciate your friendship Garnet, computers are great aren't they (even new ones I'm not use too.) Enjoy your weekend my friend.....big hugs:-)

  2. It's nice of her to bring elderberries to the elderly. :)

  3. 20 Miles isn't so very far but it's not right next door either. I'm sure she will be missed a lot.

    Nothing like a freshly harvested tomato sandwich.

  4. I don't have a Gran to visit so you're fortunate! You can cover 20 miles in 15 minutes...That lemon slice made my mouth water!!Hahahaaa

  5. Hi Garnet, computers are almost like a friend themselves...they are a lot of company, I would hate to be without one.

    Grandkids are better though! Twenty miles isn't so far away. It will make visits even more special!

  6. I love bitter too! Well at least they won't be too far away Garnet but I know that's not the same. And like you, I am so grateful for all of the friends that I've met online. You are all very supportive! Love Di ♥

  7. Hello There-- I so enjoyed reading your blogs. I just began blogging so I'm discovering this new world and loving it. Also, I have added you to my follow list. If you have time hopefully you can check mine out. I've got two blogs that I started. This one of yours got to me because when I moved to SC I had to leave two of my most precious granddaughters in CT. But they call me often and at 7 and 8 they tell me all kinds of things. So cute. Wish it were closer but we just can't tolerate the cold weather anymore. Hope to hear from you. And thanks for the fun reading.

  8. Nice to read you here Barb. I hope you enjoy blogging like the rest of us do. I don't do it every day but I do it as much as I can.