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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It is late and I could not sleep so I am up doing this blog. I told you about our treks to Fairyland in the woods.  We do go and see Princess Lilliput and her friends every day that it is nice out.  The picture above is a house her mom made when she was in school and my husband placed it in the woods last night.  She was excited to see the little house was there.

The second picture is of Alix leading me out to Fairyland.  She was running cause she saw a fairy crossing the road and wanted to see if it was the Princess Lilliput.  Finally she sees her and points her out to me just as the Princess darts off into the wood.

It is fun and great exercise for this old granny.  I did not get to any blogs today but I will be visiting you all tomorrow.


  1. Amy would love this blog post. She's very much fascinated with fairies right now and has written a lovely story of which I really need to put on her blog.

    Great photos.

    CJ xx

  2. How SWEET!Hahaaa
    She's precious!

  3. How magical Garnet! Perfect fun for a little girl or a grandma! Love Di ♥

  4. So happy to see how you and Alix are enjoying each other this summer....you are blessed dear Garnet to have your granddaughter with you for a while.....:-) Hugs