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Sunday, September 12, 2010

yesterday I looked all over for my camera.  I could not find it anywhere.  My son in law found it in my grand daughters  bedroom and she took 117 pics.  LOL...this is just a few....Do you think she has a future as a photographer??? lol..I had to laugh when I saw how many pics she took of her legs and feet.


  1. LOL Mine get into the camera too and take pictures of themselves and each other. Wouldn't you just love to a little mouse in the room and watch and listen to them when they are doing these things? :) Hope you and your have a marvelous Monday!

  2. This was so cute. You gave me a great idea for a birthday present for my girls. At 8 and 9 they could use their own digital camera and share what they see through their eyes. Love it.

  3. Oh, barb, I think a digital camera is a wonderful idea for them.

    Lori...yes, I would love to be a little mouse at times.

  4. Well somebody had a great photo shoot!
    Love Di ♥