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Saturday, October 30, 2010


I have been thinking about how much I loved Halloween as a child.  I waited with anticipation to see what kind of outfit my foster mom chose or made for me to wear.  We did not get them from the store. 
They were hand made.  My favorite was the Raggedy Ann outfit that I wore one year.

We would take our little sacks out and march off to pay a visit to our neighbors  with the thought that we would get candy for not tricking them.  We never did any of the nasty stuff like they do now.  The most we did was toss some corn at their window and we did soap a few really nasty people but most of all we had fun and so many enjoyed the kids stopping there so they could guess who they were and give them candy.

We had no fear of anyone putting razors in the apples they gave us or needles in the candy bars we would smile thinking about as we carried our bounty home.

Why can't it be like that now?  Why do kids have to have it during the daylight hours and not have their parents with them.  Oh, I know why it is that way but I think it is a shame that our country has gotten to the point where kids cannot really enjoy Halloween the way we did.

My friends husband called and I talked to him.  She is the one I told you about in the previous.  he wanted me to know she was having a really rough time of it.  He wanted me to pray for her so for those of you who do pray, put in a good word for Machelle.  She is about ready to fall apart.


  1. I am praying for your friend, she must be in horrible emotional pain.....Hugs

  2. Halloween was a lot of fun back in the day. It's a shame I agree that kids have to be watched over and protected like they are for something fun like Halloween. It's just the world we now live in.

    I hope your friend gets through this rough time and comes out ok. I just can't begin to imagine. My thoughts go out to her.

  3. I agree Garnet, my cousins and I would go all over the neighborhood alone in the dark and we lived in Chicago! No one thought twice about it. We got loads and loads of candy. So much that we would have to stop home and empty our bags before going back out! It is so different today. Around here, most of the children go to the church's for trunk or treating. Thank goodness for those church's! One year in this house we had over 100 trick or treaters. We ran out of candy and Katie, bless her heart, gave out most of her candy! This year we had maybe 10 in all. Sad really. I will keep your friend in my prayers. Love Di ♥

  4. I read that the razor blades in apples thing was an urban myth and never actually happened. I'm really not sure it's not as safe as before. At least around here. Things happened when we were kids too but we all just went about our business anyway. Still, it's an age of blame the victim so if you let your kids run around unattended and something happened, you'd be blamed for it. Around here, the night before halloween is the naughty night - usually jack-o-lanterns get smashed - maybe an egging but there's not too much. We used to knock on doors and run off.