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Friday, October 22, 2010

It is cold today. I got up early to take care of the little one and was going to go out for a walk today but Hubby wanted to go in to do some shopping so I went with him and much of my shopping is now on lay away.  I have decided to spend some of the money from the quilt on Christmas shopping.  I hope to have it all done by Thanksgiving so I can get my husband the trail camera he wants and pay off the lay a ways.  I do not get the older kids much, just gift certificates and a few small things but I have my little one and a niece who is six and two tiny nephews.  I love buying stuff for the kids.

My daughter found a house about twenty miles from here.  They are going to look at it Monday. I do not want to see them go but they have to.  When you have a marriage that is shakey and want to work things out it is hard to do when you are not living in your own home. They want a place of their own and want be settled in it before too much longer.  They have gone through some stressful time and living in with us does not help matters.  Besides, it will give me a place to visit and I can have the baby any time I want.  I think I like that idea better. LOL   I will be able to get a rest. 

A busy weekend ahead.  We have to go to my sister in law's 35th anniversary On Saturday.  It is a surprise.  We got them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, THE TEXAS ROADHOUSE.  Sunday we go to our friend who will be celebrating his fiftieth anniversary.  His wife is not a nice person but my hubby and his younger brother were friends as children and he and I are both friends of Doyle's now.  So we got him and his snooty wife gift certificates for their anniversary from the same restaurant.  So I will not have to cook for two days.

Back to working on the quilt....


  1. Garnet...so glad to hear they are going to try to work it out. I so hope they can. And glad to hear you will be getting a break. You do deserve it. Thanks for checking in. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Hello my friend, sounds like you had a busy day and a busy weekend coming up. I think it is nice that your daughter found a house close by, this just may the answer for everyone and being close to your granddaughter is such a bonus.
    Have fun at all your parties....:-)Hugs

  3. A very busy weekend! So glad that the quilt will help with Christmas. I hope that the house is suitable for your daughter, it should make things easier for all! Love Di ♥

  4. Sounds like you have things under control. I hope a place of their own helps the kids work things out.