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Monday, November 15, 2010


Today was one of those days...Just one where things did not go right.  It was just me and the dogs most of the day and it caused me to ponder about exactly what my dogs mean to me.

I think dogs have to have a job or they are not happy.  Ollie's job is to search the perimeter of the yard each time he is out.  He wants to make sure no rabbits, squirrel or human gets by him.  He is my mixed beagle guard dog.  Keeping the place safe is his job.

Jake watches Ollie and if Ollie barks, Jake jumps to attention and goes out of investigate.  He is Ollie's back up.  Second in command, I guess you would call it.  He watches until Ollie makes sure there is no danger then follows him inside.  Eli is just happy to wait til they are done making what he thinks is fools themselves as he munches on his chewy and waits for me to take him for a walk.

Eli is my keeper of secrets.  I share all my secrets with my dogs but Eli is the one who follows me about the house  like he is my shadow.  Where I go, he goes.  He even goes to the bathroom with me.  He is the one who sits with his head on my knees,  trying to comfort me when I cry.  He is the one who jumps and runs when he hears me yell for some reason.  If he thinks I am hurt, he waits for me to assure him that I am okay. 

I would be lost without them.   The above on is Eli. Someone dropped him off and They don't know what a great dog, or friend they missed out on having.  Jake is in his red chair waiting for Ollie to tell him what to do

Then there is ollie. He is the smallest and he is the most dominant dog in the group.  He is pretty much the boss.  When he barks, Jake jumps and Eli will at least drop whatever toy or chewy he has and look at him.

Sorta like a family.  They may act that way but you let one other dog come in the yard and they group together to to after the intruder.Often like we do when our family is attacked by others.  I may not like the things my brother does but I won't let anyone else attack him.


  1. Garnet they are adorable. Oh those faces and eyes. You really are lucky to have those dogs. I bet they are great with the little one too!

  2. It is wonderful the way dogs have their own place in our homes. Eli sounds like your favorite although I know you love them all. I have two and love them both but my pug Ruby is my favorite. Love Di ♥

  3. Your dogs are so cute and I am happy you enjoy them so much and like Diana I think Eli is your favorite. Something tells me you a wonderful dog owner. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday...Hugs