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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why do we idolize them so much???

Today I was talking to to women who were just raving on and on about Michael Vick, the football quarterback who was involved in dog fighting and he tortured and killed several dogs and did some time in the pen for it.  He pleaded guilty to all of it.  He came out of jail and was promptly hired by the Eagles to be their quarter back for millions and millions of dollars.  This man did some very cruel things...

I am glad he went to prison and I am glad he expressed feeling sorry for what he did.  I do not know if he meant it but he said it.

What I do not like is how so many seem to have forgotten what he did and think he is a great guy just because he is a good quarter back. 

Yes, I think he should be forgiven for what he did but I do not think that is the kind of man who should be put back up on a pedestal so our youngsters can admire him and think he is a really cool guy.

I figure he did his time and now let him fade into oblivion. 

Yes, I realize football is a violent sport and they have made headlines with some of their players sexually harassing women, slapping women around and countless other violent acts.  Each one who does those kind of things and is found guilty should lose his livelihood for good.  If that happens a few times, the others who may be thinking of killing anything--dog, or human, will think twice.  As well as anyone who thinks he should go home and slap the old lady around some just cause he lost a game or send pics of his genitalia to someone who does not want to see it.

what is wrong with us?  Why do we think these men are so great?  I think there are alot of great football players out there who do not have to act so macho or, mean off the field.  They love the game they play and they do it well.  They respect the women in their lives and would not think of doing some of the things the 'bad boys' do.

Our own quarter back for the Steelers was not found guilty of anything but he was caught drinking with a a girl who was under age and he had sex with her.  She was twenty so she was of legal age for him to have sex with her but she was still under age for drinking and that all got swept under the rug and nothing was done except a four game suspension from the game.  Anyone else would have been in all kinds of trouble but not him....No...He is a big time quarter back.  Great player but a lousy example of what is out there for our younger people to emulate.


  1. Well said Garnet. Our society has gone haywire. It is up to us as parents and grandparents to talk continually with our children and grandchildren about everything. They need to KNOW what is right from wrong. We are the only one's that can do this. There is no excuse for lazy parenting.
    The really sad thing is that these kids really want us to show them what is right and so many parents just think that their children will somehow automatically catch on.
    If we give them the proper values than they will know when a public figure is in the wrong and then be able to evaluate the situation better. LOve Di ♥

  2. Garnet...flashback to OJ Simpson who got away with murder because he was a "great hero football player". And then gets arrested again and sentenced to prison for armed robbery etc. etc. etc. After he got off on killing his ex-wife and Ron Goldman he wrote a book for the $$. People should have shunned him from day one. We are in a shitty society when it comes to morals.

  3. I hate to say it but I think advertising is to blame for a lot of this. Advertising puts some people on pedestals. Advertising tells us that we are nothing if we don't own stuff. So our important people get paid insane amounts of money for not working particularly hard. They buy the stuff advertisers say and so ordinary joes want to be just like them. We worship money and stuff. We deserve whatever crap money and stuff throw at us.

  4. Jeannie..you may have a point. I just wish people would stop and take a look of how silly it is to place these people on pedestals.

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