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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So I called my daughter today to tell her we would be in town and I would bring in the things she needed then waited on her to call back to give me directions to her new place.   She did not call so I went shopping and got a few small items I needed then drove back home.;  My daughter calls to tell me she really needs the pills that I had here.  It is no small feat but we drive thirty miles back to give her the pills.  That makes a total of about a hundred miles driven for those pills.  (it is 25 miles each way)

I did not mind. While I ride on nights like this, I like to let my mind wonder.  To night it wondered back to when hubby and I were dating.  I was new the the area and the town I lived in was fifty miles from here so hubby was new to that area.  He would drive up and we would go out to dinner then find a place to talk or even, ah, neck. We would pull off onto a dirt road and next thing you know we would see these lights of a cop car and two state troopers would get out, knock on our window and tell us we were on private property.

They did this several times.  One night we were just sitting there talking when they pulled in. The oldest came over and said, "Oh, it is you two again.  I suppose you know what I am going to say, don't you:?"  My future husband just nodded.  "I suppose we are on private property again."

"YOU  are actually in someone's drive way and they want out."    (it was a long drive way)

We told them we would leave and they started back to the car.  Finally the youngest one came back and said, "Buddy, why don't you cut us a break and marry her?"


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  2. Oh Garnet this is funny, I think if truth be known we all have a story similar to this......:-)Hugs

  3. bernie...I just think of things like that when I am stressed at times. It helps.

  4. My husband and I got caught by the cops once too.

  5. the thing is, it was the same two cops all the time.

  6. Oh Garnet, you gave me a HUGE smile with that story! Love Di ♥

  7. I guess you took his advice.


  8. Hahahaaa.....glad you did!!
    Happy weekend!